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KidsOut needs your help to reach out target of £80,000 to enable KidsOut to give 8,000 children and mothers in refuge the opportunity to go to the cinema (or a similar fun experience depending on what restrictions allow at the time); also providing popcorn, a soft drink and sweets for the children. It will cost about £10 per person, thus KidsOut are trying to raise £80k and every penny donated will go directly to support this initiative.

In a recent KidsOut survey the cinema was the number one choice voted by the children for their preferred fun day out A day out like this will give children something to look forward to and happy memories to last a lifetime.

Every penny raised from 'KidsIn 8000' will be spent on families in refuge.

Your campaign can be any activity that people dream up such as cooking, walking, running, skipping, weightlifting and around the numbers 8, 80, 800 or 8000. For example run 8 miles a day, cook 80 fairy cakes, do 800 press ups in one week etc. Challenges can take place on one day, week or a whole month.

While the UK is facing an unprecedented health crisis, there has been a stark rise in domestic violence witnessed by children. There's been a 25% increase in calls to refuges which unfortunately are all nearly full.

Children in refuge are effectively living in a state of lockdown until they are moved to a new home far away from the abuser and their friends. This is taking an even longer time due to the impact of Covid-19. Please help us give these children a reason to smile . KidsOut is the only charity that supports every child who is a victim of domestic abuse living in a refuge. During the COVID crisis KidsOut has been providing food vouchers, toys boxes, technology for education and memorable events for the families who have faced physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

If you would like get involved then please click top right and select either:

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From all at KidsOut thank you for your generosity.

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