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Jonathan Hime

Push up challenge 2020 - 800 push ups in one day for KidsOut



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On June 13th 2020 I have decided to help the KidsIn 8000 Campaign run by KidsOut. KidsOut help thousands of disadvantaged children and families in refuge or in need to provide positive experiences and support them in becoming future members of society and the workforce. Everyone is doing an event invoIving the numbers 80, 800, 8000 etc in order to hit a target total of £80,000.I have decided to attempt and hopefully succeed in doing 800 press ups during the Saturday and have been in training during lockdown. Your donation will go towards helping so many children and families who need it more than ever right now in the UK.

As a Trustee of this charity this is very personal to me so thank you so much for your help.

Jonathan (J) 

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KidsIn 8000

KidsOut needs your help to reach out target of £80,000 to enable KidsOut to give 8,000 children and mothers in refuge the opportunity to go to the cinema (or a similar fun experience depending on what restrictions allow at the time); also providing popcorn, a soft drink and ...

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