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As you might have guessed, I won’t be running for KidsOut, I will be flexing my fingers, grabbing a paintbrush and kicking off my painting marathon creating 80 small scale paintings inspired by the concept, “My Favourite Toy”.

Material deprivation

Material Deprivation is something (one of many things) that sadly affects lots of children in the UK. Children fleeing domestic violence and going into hiding in a women’s refuge, often leave their toys behind in the rush to escape to safety.

Understandably mothers have to prioritise any funds they do have on basic essentials i.e. food. Even then they can struggle, which is why charities like KidsOut and food banks support these families with essential services. In this time of extreme crisis, children are being deprived of the comfort and stability that they need, more than ever. They may have nothing to cuddle or call their own. On top of this, during the Covid-19 lockdown, most children in refuge have been restricted to staying in one small room with their mother, many with no access to a TV or wifi.


At KidsOut we aim to support every child in a Women’s Aid refuge in the UK, all of whom have escaped serious domestic violence. You can find out more about our wonderful Toy Box Service which provides toys to children from displaced families all year round. 

Prior to lockdown, the charity also enabled positive experiences and days out - improving wellbeing, and resilience, and reducing social isolation in children and families. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to do any of the activities that involve direct contact at the moment, including fundraising events, hence our new KidsIn 8000 initiative. We need to raise £80,000 to enable KidsOut to give 8,000 children and mothers in refuge the opportunity to go on a fun day out to the cinema (or a similar fun experience depending on restrictions) with a drink and popcorn when social distancing measures allow! A fun day out helps children remember what it is like to be a child again and have fun. Fun Days give children something to look forward to and happy memories to last a lifetime.

So I am asking for your help to support me turning my (rusty) hand to this fantastic Fundraising Challenge. Having been at the charity for 8 years, I’m really passionate about the cause and being able to continue our valuable work, especially when I see the impact and transformation it has for so very many vulnerable children and young people.

My pledge:

My pledge is to do 80 paintings in June, starting today! I haven’t picked up a paintbrush since studying at art College over 10 years ago. My theme of treasured/favourite childhood toys or possessions for this series of paintings is to celebrate the weird and wonderful childhood objects through the generations.

Ways you can help

If you would like to help KidsOut provide some positive experiences for disadvantaged children in the UK you can:

  • Share my challenge on social media
  • Let me know your, or your child’s, favourite toy including a photo or a link to a pic on the internet
  • Sponsor me £20 or more for a personalised painting of yours or your childs favourite childhood toy which will be posted to you at the end of the challenge.
  • Or, sponsor me a sum of money for each miniature I complete

If you would like to get in touch please email

Thank you 



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KidsIn 8000

KidsOut needs your help to reach out target of £80,000 to enable KidsOut to give 8,000 children and mothers in refuge the opportunity to go to the cinema (or a similar fun experience depending on what restrictions allow at the time); also providing popcorn, a soft drink and ...

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