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Ok I’ve decided that cancer doesn’t get to call the shots, first step was having my long hair cut into a short pixi cut, I had planned to try the cold cap to try to keep my hair but unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be I found the cap stupidly painful and after being reduced to a sobbing mess I told the nurses to take it off so losing my hair is something I am facing but I’m going to face it my way and on my terms, I’m not going to wait until I’m waking up to clumps on my pillow I’m going to make this a victory instead of a heartbreaking side effect. My wonderful dad gave me the idea that perhaps I could use this situation to help others so I’ve decided to set a date and shave my head but to ask my loved ones to donate to charity and in effect sponsor me to do this.... Now I know most people would naturally expect me to donate funds raised to a cancer charity right? Wrong, as wonderful as these cancer charities are, they are well known and making a heck of a lot of money, there is a charity much closer to home that I’m sure you will all understand is my easy first choice and those who know me know why, after suffering domestic violence for 15 years I’d like to help others who’ve been in my situation, KidsOut (please look them up) is an amazing charity who do wonderful things for children and families living in a range of different and challenging situations one of those being children who are living in refuge after fleeing domestic violence with one of their parents. If there is one thing I know it’s living in fear and watching my children suffer as a consequence. If shaving my head can make some money to help children facing hardship then that’s the biggest two fingers up to cancer I can think of! I will be filming and posting and treating the whole thing as a celebration, no tears, no sadness just happiness that I can make a difference, I hope all my friends and family will dig deep and help me put a smile on a child’s face! Thank you and watch this space!

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