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We at Interr have been great supporter of Kids out over the years and this particular wish to take children to the cinema is a good way to motivate myself in lock-down and do something for the greater good. Many of you may know that I was not a very well lady toward the end of last year, medication and sitting still for a very long period has taken its toll. I therefore want to chellenge myself to exercise for 80 minutes per day. The aim is to loose 8 inches (or more) over the next 8 weeks. But please do not wait for 8 weeks to donate becasue we need the money now. I am a woman of my word and  you that know that I will stick to my deadline and commitment. Thank you for taking the time to read and for contributing to my challenge, most of all thank you on behalf of the children that will benifit for this. 


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KidsOut needs your help to reach out target of £80,000 to enable KidsOut to give 8,000 children and mothers in refuge the opportunity to go to the cinema (or a similar fun experience depending on what restrictions allow at the time); also providing popcorn, a soft drink and ...

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